Be your own guinea-pig

Delete your culinary expectations and open up to the unexpected. Unconventional cuisine from all the reaches of the world. We serve you an all-night experience starting from 8pm. Not going to make it? You can come in later and still enjoy a fantastic evening with food, cocktails and entertainment.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday:
5 courses for € 69,- dinner will start at 8 pm
A la carte; dishes from the menu can be ordered individually,
between 8 and 10.30 pm
(Starters for € 12,50 and a main course for € 20,-)
Come in for a small fingerfood snack, beautiful glass of wine or special cocktail

Monday - Friday - Saturday:
5-courses for € 69,- dinner will start at 8 pm or come in for drinks, on these days we don't serve bites

make a reservation

If you have dinner at supperclub prepare for a ]night with;
- unexpected dishes and drinks
- free admission to the after dinner portion of the evening's program
- the hottest DJ's playing the freshest hits from open to close
- performance art entertainment during the evening
- the unmistakable supperclub party vibe, exclusively at supperclub!

NOTE: Prices may vary based on special events and/or programming. Please check the agenda or our reservation system for up to date information or speak with our telephone operators who will inform you of any changes to schedule and/or ticketing option.

Supperclub Amsterdam
Jonge Roelensteeg 21
1012 PL Amsterdam
+31 20 3446 400

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