rachel grace

Rachel Grace has been playing her violin ever since the age of three. After her lessons at the conservatory she decided to focus on different styles as pop, tango, flamenco, jazz etc. One day a friend asked her to bring her electric violin to a club (NL lounge-Amsterdam). There she blended her rhythmic and playful sounds to the music of the dj. Her performance became such a success that clubs all over the Netherlands started to book her.
Recently she also has become a rising star in the USA, especially in New York where she has been offered a residency at the two hottest clubs of NY: Marquee and China Club (on Legendary Mondays).
Rachel blends her music with the style of the DJ. When performing with her own music, she plays different styles from lounge to techno. Rachel Grace overwhelms her audience by her sparkling energy, stunning dance moves and her phenomenal sounds.

International highlights
New York: China Club, Marquee club (resident), Crobar, BB King Blues Club, Cavo, Cutting Room, Mezu, Club PM, Stephen's Talkhouse; private parties in Miami, Los Angeles (Spundae), Hartford (club 960) and Belmont (horse racing circuit). Heineken private party (Algiers), Algeria; Club Patipa (Kiev), Ukraine; NYE (Cairo), Egypt.

piek & bokhorst

Frans Piek (1967) residing in Amsterdam, born and raised in Groningen, The Netherlands. Made his marks in Fashion and Interior Design. Under the name Made In Holland he got famous in the Amsterdam night scene (RoXY, Speedfreax, More.. and supperclub) with his performances, a mix of styling, tableaux vivants and decor. Abroad the Dutch border Made In Holland has been seen on numerous hotspots in cities like Miami (Liquid), Athens (Ampho Theatro), Istanul (2001), Munich (Mach 1), Cologne (Theater am Rudolfplatz) and Riccione (Echo). Besides the night scene, Made In Holland did the styling and entertainment for events of Sharp, Rituals, Monsterboard, National Geographic, Schwarzkopf, Oilily and MEXX, to name a few. Frans Piek's work deviates from the ordinary, without being unfamiliar and seems to confuse its audience. He creates stillness on a technoparty so to speak. From 2004 his work shifts from entertainment to a more art performance/installation in progress (the Transformation Series).

Sebastiaan Bokhorst (1976) residing in Amsterdam, born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied Sculpture Fine Arts at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL) and School of Visual Arts New York (USA) and got his BFA in 2000. In 2001 together with Hester Chan he initiates and runs projectspace/gallery BRUCE (Rotterdam) and the Brave New Art Foundation. Where new artists work on a piece in progress. After 15 exhibitions BRUCE closes down. And Bokhorst returns to his studiowork. Since 2001 he's a staff member of supperclub Amsterdam working from coatcheck, bar to waiter and performer. In 2002 Bokhorst starts with his Sculpture Perfomances at supperclub Amsterdam, from scratch he makes a lifesize sculpure out of clay from a model within 3 to 4 hours. In 2005 he masters the technique bronzecasting and has his studio in Groningen. His work is a mix of installation art, art in progress, conceptual art and classic figure sculpting. He tries to find new ways to show art and investigates the relation between artpiece, artist and viewer.

PIEK&BOKHORST (2006). Since 2004 Piek and Bokhorst start to appear and assist in each others performances. After their collaboration with the ATTACHMENT-series (WORK P) they decided to form an artist duo in March 2006 inaugurated by WORK 0 SYMBIOSIS. At the moment P&B are perfoming with the SUSPENSE-series (WORK 1) and the ORDER-series (WORK 2) at supperclub Amsterdam.


Ego's is a theatre company consisting of Ester Haverlikova Natzijl and Eva Marie de Waal.
They create surrealist and absurd theatre, making use of dance, play and mime. Ego's also appear as performance art on several locations, including supperclub in Amsterdam. Wherever they appear, they create a fantasyworld in which human shortcomings are laid bare in a humoristic fashion.

The Ego's are creatures that defy definition. They move the audience into their estranged and absurd world; a world in which fantasy and reality intertwine and in which ñ however or wherever the Ego's are ñ the human ego dominates. Ego's tells a tale of the human ego, the battle of the Ego's with each other and with themselves.

Eva Marie de Waal (1979) studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy for two years. After that, she completed the three-year professional acting programme at theatre school De Trap in Amsterdam.
She has majored in History and Film- and Theatre Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. In 2005, she attained her bachelor's degree in both these subjects.
In recent years she worked as an actrice and theatre maker on several film- and theatre projects. She has also appeared in several Dutch television shows, including: Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Onderweg naar Morgen, Westenwind, Het Glazen Huis and Alex FM.

Ester Haverlikova Natzijl (1978) completed the programme for academic dance at the Royal Dutch Conservatory. She has danced with Introdans for a year, with the Netherlands Dance Theatre for three years, and has performed in several dance/theatre productions, including one at the Frankfurt Ballet.
She has studied at theatre school De Trap for two years, and has worked as a theatre maker on several dance/theatre projects.
She majors in Philosophy and Theatre Sciences at the University of Amsterdam.

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