Turkish delight
While our DJ and the summer breeze from the Bosphorus bring you in higher spheres, you'll enjoy a four-course surprise dinner (120 Turkish Lira, composed by chef İsmail Bulut).

Ismail Bulut is the chef of supperclubs latest addition, Istanbul, brings his international experience to this innovative kitchen. As always in supperclub the focus here is on fresh creative dishes with pure flavors and inventive presentation.

The open kitchen, as we know it from Amsterdam, is introduced here too. From the comfort of your mattress you can watch the chefs at work in this open kitchen. Unlike Amsterdam, a four-course menu is served here (120 YTL including 2 glass of wine ). What is the same, is however the food: as one would expect, here too, all culinary dogmas are left to one side and your taste buds are pleasantly surprised. And who knows...even shocked! Because food and drink at the supperclub is always unforgettable!

Example menu (4 course menu YTL 120 - including 2 glass of wine):

Seafood cocktail with tuna & salmon marinated soya sesame vinegar, Asian flavor julien of mango, little greens, roasted sesame seeds (little)
Cucumber gazpacho (soup) flavored with coriander with mint and cherry vinegar. With garlic leafs and garniture inside soya cucumber apple and shrimps.
On low temperature bass with Spanish roasted tomatoes and sauced antiboise
Frozen soup with fresh fruit and lemon sorbet.

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