supperclub on every location!

With supperclub onlocation, we go on the road, taking along with us everything that supperclub stands for: our spectacular culinary arts, creative concepts and extraordinary presentations, stylish interior and ever-surprising decor, our DJ's, VJ's, and a very broad range of eccentric performances. In short, everything that makes supperclub so unique with this harmonious combination.
We are no longer limited to our permanent locations but can produce a supperclub event anyplace you might like, we can also look for the ideal location for you.

Berlin, Paris, Sophia, Kiev, Bulgary are some of the places we have been!

supperclub onlocation

everything is possible!

Supperclub onlocation has a creative team that consists of artists, decor specialists, stylists and designers. Coming up with custom-made creative concepts is the ultimate challenge for this creative team; they are happy to think them up together with the customer. A few key words are enough for them to present the customer a creative concept that is exactly what is needed to make the event unforgettable.

supperclub cookbook

the not-so-holy bible

a supperclub cookbook. watch the trailer above!

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